Google Launches New Google Tag Manager Implementation Guide


Google has released a new guide in the Analytics Help Center to help walk you through the basics of implementing Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. The guide covers key areas including how to implement a standard Google Analytics tracking tag, tips for naming tags, through to examples of configuring auto-event tracking.

Walkthroughs with screengrabs help explain common setup steps people use inside Google Tag Manager.

If you’re just getting started, this is a useful guide to the core concepts, including:

The guide goes on to cover more advanced topics, including the use of a data layer, custom dimensions and Enhanced Ecommerce. Designed for technical marketers to get up and running quickly, this guide complements Google’s more comprehensive documentation available on the Google Developers site.

Haven’t used Google Tag Manager before?

Google Tag Manager is a free product offered by Google that allows you to centrally manage tags on your website, including Google Analytics. It’s designed to help speed up deployment of new tags and provides additional options for measuring interactions occurring on your website.

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