New Segment Sharing Options in Google Analytics


Segments are a powerful way to dig deeper into your data so you can perform detailed analysis of your users and their behaviour. And until recently, sharing your custom segments wasn’t that straightforward – so we were excited to see the latest update from Google making this process a lot simpler. There are some great default segments already available to apply to your reports, but in most cases you will quickly begin to create custom segments to meet your particular needs. However, when you create custom segments they are only available for your user login. Other people logging into Google Analytics won't be able to see them. Previously the options for sharing your custom segments meant that you could share the template, but if you then made changes, other people in your organisation wouldn't have access to your updates.

This is where the new collaborate option for custom segments comes in ... now you can create a custom segment and share it with everybody who has access to the reporting view. This means when you update your segment, it's automatically updated for everybody in your organisation. Brilliant!

Collaborate and Share your Segments

1. Open the segment panel and select 'Custom', then click 'Edit' for the segment you would like to share.


2. Then click 'Change' in the top right corner.


3. You can now select the option allowing collaborators to apply and edit the segment within the view.


4. You'll find your segment within the 'Shared' section of the segmentation panel.


Your custom segment can now be modified by other users that have collaborate-level access to your Google Analytics account. Plus, users that have read-level access will be able to apply the segment to reports (without being able to edit it).

Need Inspiration for Segments?

Create custom segments to focus on your most important audience members, including:

  • People who have completed a particular goal conversion
  • High-value customers (including ecommerce transactions or goal values)
  • People engaging with specific marketing campaigns
  • Highly engaged users and people engaging with lots of pages or content

You can also use the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery to add pre-configured segments and modify them to meet your needs. What has been the most useful segment that you've set up for your Google Analytics account? Let us know in the comments.