Update: Google Analytics Solutions Gallery


When was the last time you checked out the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery? If you’re not familiar with it, the Solutions Gallery is a free crowdsourced platform that houses templates for Google Analytics reports, dashboards and segments to help support your own reporting and analysis. Loves Data is a top contributor to the gallery, meaning you can easily add our solutions to your own accounts. Loves Data has more than 35 templates that have been imported by users over 50,000 times. Check out our most popular solutions and import them yourself – better insights are only a click away. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to help people get more out of their Google Analytics data – if you have a suggestion for a custom solution you’d like to see, let us know in the comments.

Dashboard: Audience Snapshot

This dashboard gives you a top-level overview of your website visitors for quick insights into where your visitors are located, how engaged they are and what devices they are using to access your site.

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Dashboard: AdWords Performance Snapshot

This dashboard pulls in important Google AdWords campaign data including keywords and ad groups to help you assess the performance of your campaigns at a glance.

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Custom Report: (not provided) Insights for Google Organic

This is a custom report aimed at providing insights for your (not provided) keywords. The report will show you landing page URLs along with their page titles to help you understand the keyword themes people are searching for.

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Dashboard: Acquisition Snapshot

This dashboard gives you a complete view of your inbound traffic, including paid search, organic search, referrals and paid campaigns. Now you’ll be able to quickly evaluate and compare your traffic acquisition efforts.

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SEO Starter Pack

The Complete SEO Starter Pack contains a SEO dashboard, custom reports and segments to analyse and report on your SEO efforts. Use the reports to understand your available keywords (that are provided) and drill into your unknown keywords (that are not provided). Too easy!

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Want more? You got it! You can view a full list of our solutions in the gallery.

This is an updated post from 2013.