14 Amazing Marketing Apps to Try Right Now

We know the life of a digital marketer can be pretty hectic. Being in an industry that is constantly changing and full of innovation, sometimes we need some assistance to get us through the day. As a digital marketer, one of your main goals is to be productive around the clock. You want to be engaged and in the loop when you’re on the way to a meeting, your commute to work or even in the waiting room for that much-resented dentist appointment. We use apps every day, to help us with research, collaboration, reporting, analysis, and to share content. Here are our favourite marketing apps, categorised according to purpose!


Before we even start thinking about what to advertise, how we’re going to advertise and what the design will look like, we need to do some research. We have two apps that keep us in the loop and give us updated information on our favourite content.


Feedly’s an app that helps digital marketers organise their favourite/most viewed content on the internet. Feedly easily assists in sharing and storing you and your team’s favourite websites in your account and can be accessed by a number of devices. There are heaps of options to personalise your account including monitoring news about your company by plugging in Google Alerts and organising your feed into easy-to-read collections. For best practice tips, check out the Feedly blog.

Image source: Android Authority

Image source: Android Authority


The BuzzSumo app is very useful in monitoring and researching content on the go. It’s designed to help you analyse the content that performs best for any of you or your competitors. Their website has a detailed list of product features including delivering powerful content insights, content curation and alerts, competitor analysis and comparisons and finding influencers. There are also handy guides on the most effective way to apply this app for your benefit. They even have a free version to get you hooked.

Image source: BuzzSumo

Image source: BuzzSumo


We now need to achieve our research objectives by developing creative solutions and making a plan. This is the stage where we look at the tasks we want to action and see how they fit in our project. Luckily we have found some useful apps to help us along the way.


Evernote has endless possibilities of note-taking to keep you on your toes. With Evernote, you can type your notes, create a list, or even draw them wherever you go. You can archive photos, store voice recordings, and create reminders. All these great features are accessible across all your devices and can be shared with your team. Good news for those who use Google Drive – Evernote and Google Drive have joined forces so you can easily access files in Evernote that you keep safely in Drive. Evernote allows you to browse not only the URL links but everything that’s been created in the Google Drive.

Image source: Evernote

Image source: Evernote


Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that’s renowned for its ability to manage and schedule social media. The app provides access to all your social media channels, across all your devices. Our favourite feature of this app is the ability to schedule posts around the clock. Hootsuite makes scheduling posts such a time saver – so you don’t have to wait for prime time or plan posts before you jet off for your next holiday. Hootsuite also has an analytics platform so you can constantly monitor and measure your social activity around the clock, as well as, share your account with your team.


Later (formerly Latergramme) is a great app for planning your visual content on Instagram. We think it’s awesome because it allows you to:

  • Upload photos directly from your computer or mobile device
  • Save time by planning and scheduling your Instagram posts in advance
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Support for multiple users
  • Schedule your posts
Image source: Later

Image source: Later


Bringing all those ideas together and sharing them with the team is our next step. We find online platforms for sharing is the easiest way to share ideas and work. Our favourite online collaboration platforms also are available in mobile apps. Below are our two favourites


We love using Basecamp 2 because of its sleek, clean design, easy interface, and its ability to keep the team all on the same page. Whether you are using Basecamp 2 or Basecamp 3 it’s a great platform for task setting, task reminders, and keeping in the loop. It’s also great for getting clients on board in task threads because everyone has an easy-access portal to work. There’s not much different between Basecamp 2 and 3 besides a few extra features in Basecamp 3, such as multi-person task assignment, new search, and internal message chat.

Image source: Signalvnoise.com

Image source: Signalvnoise.com

Google Drive

If you’re searching for collaboration and productivity look no further than Google Drive. Google Drive is a powerful business tool with its amazing app suite for business and collaborating features. This app allows you to share documents, folders, presentations and images with your colleagues. You can also manage the specific permissions of documents, including editing, suggestions, and commenting throughout the document that can be seen live among users. It’s super easy to share documents between users and search for documents and folders in the drive search tab. You can even search text within images with Optical Character Recognition in Google Drive.

Google Hangouts

The video app is a great office tool, whether you want to have a video meeting with your staff from other locations or video call into your client, this is the app for you. The best thing about downloading Hangouts to your phone or tablet (available both on iOS and Android) is that you probably already have an account. You can access Hangouts via your Gmail so you can Hangout anytime and anywhere you want. There’s also a conference element to the app so you can Hangout with a bunch of people at once. It has a great chat feature to talk whilst conferencing or if you’re not feeling up for the full face camera frontal.

Not only is Hangouts awesome for collaboration but also for sharing video content with minimal costs. You can also measure the benefits like what Cadbury did with Hangouts. Cadbury managed to attract 150,000 followers to their Google+ page through Hangouts, which increased click-throughs and traffic for the campaign launch of a new chocolate bar.


Design and mobile are like, the two hottest things right now. Which is why we’re loving the ability to create stunning designs on your mobile. Here are our top three content apps:


Over simply lets you add text to images in a really beautiful way. If you’re managing an Instagram account or need to upload images to Facebook quickly and efficiently, this is the tool for you. It’s free to download, with the option of in-app purchase.

Canva for iPad

The best way of describing Canva is like InDesign for people without InDesign. It’s a true-blue-Aussie start up, so already it has the keys to our heart. It’s a free download with in-app stock images available for a dollar, but they also have millions of stock images, illustrations, backgrounds and fonts. The optimised template sizes for social media is a feature we’re excited about.


Afterlight is a paid image editing app you can download for on both iOS and Android. It allows you to add effects, such as light leaks, dust overlays, framing and make image adjustments. There are 75 different filters as well, so you’re sure to find one that suits you!
AfterLight app



Snapseed was a recommendation from one of our awesome followers. It’s a nifty photo editor available on iOS and Android, that gives you professional looking photos – ready to be uploaded to social! Retouch, adjust perspective, re-edit and give your photos that ‘sparkle’ they deserve.



Self-confessed “most beautiful Google Analytics iPhone app,” Analytiks conveniently turns Google Analytics into infographics you can share on Twitter, Facebook, DropBox, Evernote or via email. You’re able to track up to 8 sites, track your social media stats and referral traffic. We think it’s pretty awesome, and 140,000 downloads can’t be wrong.
Analytiks app on mobile

Google Analytics App

For on-the-go marketers, the Google Analytics app is your new best friend. You can check out all your Google Analytics web and report profiles from the palm of your hand. The app works on both mobile and tablets, that shows you only the relevant information. You can decide if you want to have a quick update or if you want more details.

The app was recently upgraded to include a list of cool features, such as:

  • Sharing via text, email or chat.
  • Customisable reports you can save to your dashboard.
  • Upgraded usability with simple navigation and easy-to-find reports.
  • Intuitive interface; you can tab through metrics and swipe through dimensions.

It’s available for iOS and Android.


Another app for Android (sorry iOS people) is gAnalytics. It’s an awesome app that connects to your Google Analytics account to spit out reports you can read and understand at a glance. The main options are Real Time, Users, Engagement, Acquisitions, Goals and Ecommerce. You can refine it via time and date, so you can see sessions, page views, bounce rate, and new visits, and even compare reports on charts.

Theses are just a few of our favourite apps that help us get through the day. The great things about these apps are that we can use them across a number of devices including our desktops, mobiles, and tablets. This makes it easy for us to stay in touch and always connected.

What apps help you in digital marketing? Let us know in the comments section below.