Digital Career Move: Get Data Driven


Seriously, it's 2016 and the need for data related skills is growing faster and this is the year for you to push ahead. LinkedIn’s most in-demand skills list compiled by analysing their recruitment data throughout 2015, gives us insights into skills leading to the best jobs. Cloud computing takes the top spot followed by Data Mining and Statistical Analysis, then Marketing Campaign Management and SEO/SEM Marketing. The main takeaway from their post? If you're not comfortable with data yet, you need to get moving.

We know from first-hand experience how big the talent shortage is, wherever there is online marketing and ecommerce the search is on for data-driven marketing mavericks. So, don't forget to put upping your career game on this year’s to-do list and acquire some of these sought after skills.

We’re a bit shy about tooting our own horn but whether you are just starting out or need a refresher, our friendly team of experts at Loves Data is here to help.

Easy Entry Points

If you’re wanting to move into data and digital from another marketing area or are interested in learning more about digital analytics online courses at the Analytics Academy are a great place to start. Experts with masses of practical experience will take you through the fundamentals of Google Analytics and help you understand what the reports mean.

Loves Data also runs a series of webinars and after hours events throughout the year. Topics are about marketing better through more accurate and creative data collection, visualizations and actionability. We also like to bring our gadgets out to play at after hours events, so if you’re looking for the fun side of data, you’ll find it here. We also like to share tips, news and the occasional nerd joke so stay in touch with us via your preferred network.

Going Deeper

If you're ready to go a little deeper and start customising your Google Analytics reporting and maybe even try out some of those tags everyone keeps talking about, think about doing some of our training online anywhere, anytime or in-person in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland throughout the year. If you’re building or wanting to upskill your whole team in-house then Google Analytics Custom Onsite Training is also an option.

Meet The Masters

Loves Data’s annual Analytics Conference presented in conjunction with Google and guest speaker experts such as Justin Cutroni, Avinash Kaushik, Krista Seiden and Jim Sterne, shows just how big and bold data-driven online marketing is. Presented in Sydney and Melbourne and always with the latest, each year it gets bigger and better. So much to absorb, so little time! Sign up for conference updates avoid missing out.