Creating a Social Dashboard with Google Data Studio

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to create a dashboard to report on your social channels. The dashboard includes the total number of likes and followers for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter…

Social Dashboard with Google Data Studio

Along with your follower count it also shows you the trend for people following you (and those few people unfollowing you). The dashboard also includes metrics from Google Analytics so you can quickly see how many people are coming to your website from the social networks and the value they’re generating.

To create the dashboard we’ll be using Supermetrics (affiliate link) to pull data into Google Sheets so we can bring our social metrics into Google Data Studio. Supermetrics allows you to automatically access a whole range of data quickly and easily, including data from social, advertising and a range of other platforms. You’ll have to subscribe after the free trial, but it will save you a whole lot of time compared to grabbing this data manually.

Ready to follow along and create the social dashboard? Here we go…

If you’re looking to get started quickly, then you can grab the social media dashboard template and add it to your own account now.

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