Master Google AdWords and Google Analytics to run successful digital campaigns

Written by Google expert, Benjamin Mangold, this is the ‘go to’ book for individuals and organisations wanting to get the most out of their digital marketing campaigns.

Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics covers both fundamental Google AdWords and Google Analytics topics, as well as more detailed technical set up for more experienced users. It includes best-practice tips, walk-throughs of account set up, and advanced configuration options.

As featured in the Official Google Analytics Blog.

Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics will show you how to excel at online marketing and digital analytics, including:

  • Techniques and tips for using Google AdWords and Google Analytics
  • Creating, managing and optimising search and display campaigns
  • Using digital analytics to measure and improve your website and campaigns



Available in paperback and on Kindle and iBooks


About the Author

Benjamin Mangold is Co-Founder and CEO at Loves Data. He works closely with and is highly regarded by Google's teams globally. He is a Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified expert and passionate advocate of Google products. He divides his time between consulting, blogging, designing and presenting courses, and speaker engagements in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. Connect with Benjamin on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Google AdWords topics

  • The Online Advertising Opportunity
  • Benefits of Google AdWords
  • How to Structure your Account
  • Developing a Google AdWords Campaign
  • Running Successful Online Advertising
  • Setting up Display Campaigns
  • Advanced Campaign Settings
  • Additional Setup Opportunities
  • Reporting on Performance
  • Optimization Techniques

Google Analytics topics

  • How Google Analytics Works
  • Important Interface Features
  • Using the Standard Reports
  • Measuring your Campaigns
  • Conversion and Ecommerce Reports
  • Multi-Channel Funnels
  • Advanced Configuration Options
  • Goal Configuration
  • Tracking Ecommerce Transactions
  • Google Tag Manager

Available in paperback and on Kindle


Available on iBooks

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"This book is a comprehensive and deep explanation of how to get the most out of your online advertising. Benjamin describes in detail how Google Analytics and AdWords work both separately and together, providing the necessary background to get into field as well as advanced tips for those in it."

Daniel Waisberg, Analytics Advocate, Google

"From novice online advertiser to expert, this book is an excellent reference resource for Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Benjamin's narrative style and practical approach makes this book very easy to understand. Pay attention to the tips throughout the book, this is based on Benjamin's expertise and experience implementing all of these tools with real live customers."

Eva Woo, Digital Marketing Executive, Google, SuccessFactors, SAP

"Benjamin brings all of the information you need to get started and to grow and take advantage of these powerful tools. What I really like is how he brings all of the information about both systems - AdWords and Analytics - together in one central place. He makes it easy to understand how to measure your AdWords campaigns in Google Analytics data. This makes the information very actionable, which is exactly what you want."

Justin Cutroni, Analytics Evangelist, Google

"Practical, definitive and straightforward, Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics delivers on the promise of its title and puts you in a position to take on this whole new world of marketing."

Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Summit and Board Chair, Digital Analytics Association

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