Learn how to manage every type of Campaign in Google Ads, including Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping campaigns.

Build your optimization and account management skills with a focus on improving campaign performance and outcomes. Learn advanced targeting techniques, including location targeting and how to pinpoint days and times that drive higher levels of engagement and conversions.

Google Ads Advanced Course

What will I learn?

  • How to manage the different types of Google Ads campaigns

  • How to use advanced configuration and targeting options

  • How to improve results with optimization and ad testing

What's included?

  • Video lessons to build your skills

  • Short revision quizzes throughout the course

  • Certificate for passing the final course quiz

Core topics

  • Manage search, display, video and other campaign types

  • Learn advanced configuration and targeting methods

  • Understand how different targeting will impact campaigns

  • Create remarketing campaigns for display and search ads

  • Learn how to improve results using ad testing

  • Apply best practice techniques to target mobile users


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