Learn how to build dashboards and reports in Google Data Studio quickly and confidently, using data from Google Analytics and Google Sheets.

After taking this course you will be able to visualize and present data. From importing data through to customizing and sharing your reports.

Google Data Studio Course
Benjamin delivers easy to follow lessons with a hands on approach to master Google Data Studio and apply the concepts to your business.
— Simon, Loves Data Graduate

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Learn the best ways to present and visualize your data from Google Analytics and Google Sheets.

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Are you presenting your data effectively?

Create powerful and impressive reports with Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio Course

What will I learn?

  • How to import your data from Google Analytics and Google Sheets

  • How to visualize your data to create powerful reports

  • How to build dashboards quickly and confidently

  • How to share and collaborate on your reports

Will this suit me?

  • Beginners wanting to get started quickly

  • Intermediate users wanting to visualize data

  • Experienced users looking to expand their knowledge

What's included?

  • Video lessons to build your knowledge

  • Practical exercises to apply your skills

  • Short revision quizzes throughout the course

  • Certificate for passing the final course quiz

Google Analytics Course

Apply New Skills Immediately

Follow this course in your own Google Data Studio account to immediately apply your new skills.


1. Fundamentals:

  • Introduction

  • Benefits of Google Data Studio

  • Principles of data visualization

  • Interface features

  • Dimensions and metrics


2. Reports:

  • Connecting data sources, including Google Analytics and Google Sheets

  • Visualizing your data inside Google Data Studio


3. Customization:

  • Adding a date range

  • Adding a filter control

  • Using filters

  • Layout and styling

  • Adding pages

4. Dashboards:

  • Marketing dashboard

  • Conversion dashboard

  • Ecommerce dashboard

  • Content dashboard

  • Social dashboard


5. Management:

  • Sharing dashboards

  • Exporting

  • User permissions

6. Advanced:

  • Calculated fields

  • Working with Google Sheets

  • Additional options

After completing the course, I’m confident I’ll be able to simply convey complex data in a meaningful way to my small and large clients alike.
— Matt, Loves Data Graduate
If you want to understand Google Data Studio from the basics to pro-level, this is the course you searched for!
— Aron, Loves Data Graduate
I recommend this course to anybody who is dealing with digital analytics and reporting.
— Tamas, Loves Data Graduate

Learn how to master Google Data Studio

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Benjamin Mangold is Co-Founder of Loves Data and the author of ‘Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics’. He is an internationally recognized Google Analytics, Google AdWords and online marketing expert.

He loves sharing the latest techniques and tips for digital advertising and digital analytics. He has 10 years experience designing and presenting the most up to date, accurate, practical, independent and comprehensive online marketing courses available.

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