Learn how to use Google Tag Manager to manage your tracking tags and collect custom data based on user interactions.

After taking this course you will be confident using Google Tag Manager to implement Google Analytics tracking tags to measure your users. You will learn practical techniques, including how to test your tags and triggers when collecting data. This comprehensive course will build your knowledge and skills, allowing you to apply this powerful tool to your own websites.

What will I learn?

  • Configuring Google Tag Manager
  • Measuring custom interactions
  • Testing your tags and using environments
  • Diagnosing issues with your tags and triggers

59 Video Lessons

Learn the best ways to set up and implement Google Tag Manager to track your users.

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Will this suit me?

  • Experienced users wanting to expand or update their knowledge
  • Intermediate users looking for a comprehensive understanding
  • Beginners wanting to learn everything from the ground up

What's included?

  • 59 video lessons to build your skills
  • Short revision quizzes throughout the course
  • Certificate for passing the final course quiz

Core topics

  • Use best practices for configuring Google Tag Manager
  • Understand Google Tag Manager terminology
  • Measure custom interactions, including clicks and scrolling
  • Understand and use the Data Layer
  • Diagnosing issues with tags and triggers
  • Firing additional tags including AdWords and HTML tags
  • Use environments to test tracking before publishing
  • Understand advanced Google Tag Manager concepts

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Learn to master Google Tag Manager

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Your course instructor

Johann de Boer is a passionate digital analytics consultant and trainer with international experience. He leads Loves Data's analytics team and enjoys sharing knowledge gained from a wide variety of industry verticals.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree, majoring in Computer Systems Engineering from Massey University, and is completing a Masters in marketing analytics while being happily immersed in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and R.

Benjamin Mangold

Course curriculum


1. Introduction:

  • What is tag management?
  • Google Tag Manager concepts
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager
  • Finding your way around
  • Access permissions
  • Measurement planning

2. How it works:

  • How Google Tag Manager works
  • Adding a tag
  • Firing tags with triggers
  • Previewing the draft container
  • Sharing a preview
  • Publishing the container
  • Recommended workflow

3. Variables:

  • Introduction to variables
  • Built-in variables
  • Using variables with tags and triggers
  • Introduction to custom variables
  • Advanced custom variables
  • Using custom variables with triggers

4. The Data Layer:

  • Introduction to the Data Layer
  • Putting information in the Data Layer
  • Product impressions with Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Enhanced Ecommerce and the Data Layer
  • Variables using the Data Layer
  • Data Layer events and tips

5. Events:

  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager events
  • Triggering tags with custom Data Layer events
  • Diagnosing events and triggers using the debug console

6. Triggers:

  • Advanced built-in triggers
  • Click triggers
  • Link click triggers
  • Form triggers
  • Timer triggers
  • History change triggers
  • Javascript error triggers

7. Trigger Logic:

  • Fire-on and exception triggers
  • Trigger conditions
  • Transforming from triggers to conditions
  • Transforming from conditions to triggers

8. Tag Sequencing:

  • Asynchronous tag firing and prioritisation
  • Sequential tag firing

9. TAg Types:

  • AdWords conversion tags
  • AdWords remarketing tags
  • Custom HTML tags

10. Maintenance:

  • Container version control
  • Container publishing environments
  • Naming conventions and keeping track of changes
  • Organising tags, triggers and variables with folder
  • Best practice recommendations

Or take the course for $399 AUD (Australian Dollars) or $399 CAD (Canadian Dollars)

Course questions

How long do I have to complete the course? You can take the course at your own pace, so you can complete the course in a day, a week or a month. Take as long as you need!

Do I receive a certificate? Yes, if you pass the final quiz you will receive a course certificate.

Once I've paid, when can I access the course? After you've registered and paid for the course you will have immediate access to all of the lessons.

I have another question... You can email us (info@lovesdata.com) or use our contact details.