Google Analytics Training Courses

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides insights into your digital marketing activities and is essential to building a successful online presence. Unlock the potential of Google Analytics and see how this tool can provide more than just an understanding of website traffic and data, but also drive results in your marketing campaigns.

Loves Data’s training courses are designed to help you navigate this landscape. We focus on the strategies, features and best practices that will make a difference to your organization’s KPIs and bottom line. Whether you’re a beginner or have been using Google Analytics for years, our Google Analytics specialists will provide actionable training to create and improve your campaigns. Google Analytics training courses are available for you to take now!

I completed the course at my own pace while setting up our company’s Google Analytics account. I would definitely recommend it to other professionals.
— Veronica, Loves Data Graduate
I absolutely loved the course. I tried other online training and Loves Data’s has a much better course flow.
— Diana, Loves Data Graduate

Who should register?

  • In-house marketing staff (including Google Ads, SEO, and Social Media specialists) – to learn how Google Analytics can optimize your marketing campaigns, whether you manage one channel for your company or all of them

  • Strategists and managers – to learn how to use Google Analytics to get more information about where your brand is and where it could be

  • Technical and IT – learn how to improve your website's performance on all platforms, as well as what customizations and data integrations you can implement to create business value

  • Designers and UX specialists – to learn how to make your website decisions more data-driven

What is included?

  • Comprehensive course modules

  • Links to extra resources and tips

  • Practical exercises

  • Revision quizzes

  • Earn your course certificate

Course Topics

Our Google Analytics course covers fundamental and advanced topics. Here's a summary of what you'll learn:

Google Analytics Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics including basic concepts, the interface, and which reports will help you optimize your marketing campaign. The fundamental course topics suit beginners with no Google Analytics experience, to advanced users looking to make sure they’re utilizing the best practices in their account.

View the Google Analytics fundamentals topics

Google Analytics Advanced

Learn more advanced features of Google Analytics including advanced analysis and customization techniques to make your account relevant to your business goals. The advanced course topics build on the learnings from the fundamental lessons and take your understanding to the next level.

View the Google Analytics advanced topics

Why Loves Data?

  • We’ve been presenting Australia’s leading Analytics training since 2007

  • We pride our training on being accurate, accessible and actionable