13 Social Media Hacks for Marketers


At Loves Data, we’re always looking to stay ahead of the curve. Managing social media accounts across a variety of businesses means that we’ve learnt a thing or two about automation, quick fixes, faster, less time consuming ways to manage social media accounts. Let’s get straight into it, here are 13 social media hacks for business.


1. Drag & drop images

You can drag and drop images when you’re posting a Facebook status update, so there's no need to search for files or try to remember where you saved them.


2. Native videos

Fact: Facebook doesn’t support YouTube videos as well as it used to. If you want to post your video on Facebook, then it’s best to upload it directly – it means your videos will play automatically on the user’s feed and you’ll get significantly more engagement.

3. Download YouTube videos

Trying to figure out a way to download your YouTube video so you can upload it to Facebook?

  • Jump onto your YouTube channel
  • Video Manager (third tab, top centre)
  • Click down arrow to the right of your video
  • Download MP4


4. Emojis on Twitter

Emojis and Twitter go hand in hand, especially when you’re limited by 140 characters and pictures tell a thousand words. You’ll have emoji supported keyboards if you’re using Twitter on mobile, however most marketers are on desktop (especially when there’s more than one Twitter account to manage). Solution: Scheduling tool HootSuite supports emojis or you can copy/paste emojis from websites like Get Emoji. 😁👍

We nailed it. 🙌 🙌 #WorldEmojiDayhttp://t.co/6OE7OKh574pic.twitter.com/iN3ZMcTeOG

— Loves Data (@LovesData) July 17, 2015

5. Track brand mentions

Twitter will notify you every time a user @mentions you. However, there are times users share your content or talk about you without using your handle. An easy way to find these conversations is to use Twitter Search and type your brand name. The default display once you search for a keyword is ‘top’ feed, so jump onto the ‘live’ feed (one tab over) to see everything you’re mentioned in.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 5.26.12 pm

6. Rich media


When you’re tweeting Instagram images to Twitter, don’t use the Instagram interface. Instead, share the image from your gallery straight to Twitter to avoid displaying the Instagram image link. If you upload images directly to Twitter, your image will show in full and this will help you receive more engagement. When it comes to sharing videos on Twitter, YouTube links look OK but for stronger impact, upload your video straight to Twitter as this means your video will autoplay in the user’s feed. You can only upload videos to Twitter using the Twitter for mobile app. C’mon Twitter, bring your A-game and let us post videos from desktop!


7. Ways around <500 character updates

LinkedIn company pages are limited to posting 500 characters per status update. Sometimes posts go over by a handful of characters and you're stuck because you really don’t want to change the copy. One great workaround is to shorten any links using a URL shortener. Unlike Twitter, by shortening the link on LinkedIn, you’re decreasing the character count. You can use Google’s URL Shortener, Bitly, HootSuite, Buffer or create your own using a custom URL shortener.

8. Attach images


We’ve found that uploading standalone images (forego the link snippet) on LinkedIn results in some really fantastic engagement. Next time you have a great image to share, ditch the link snippet and instead upload a feature image.


9. Using bold, italics and strikethrough

Have you seen Google+ wiz kids use formatting in their posts and want in on the secret? It’s really easy. To bold words, use the asterisk sign (*) on either side of the text, similarly for italics, use the underscore key (_) and for strikethrough, use the hyphen key (-).

10. Make the most of the YouTube and Google+ partnership

Google+ and YouTube talk to each other, meaning if you share a YouTube link on Google+, then your caption will be added to the comments section on the YouTube video. This is a great way to improve engagement and show other users that your video is being talked about.


11. Optimise images

Pinterest is a visual platform that also doubles up as a great website referral tool. To encourage repins and likes, optimise your images for Pinterest by using ‘skyscraper’ or slender, long length images with call to actions. While you’re at it, make sure you’re across image specs on all social platforms.



12. Layout App

The way your feed looks is the most important consideration to make when it comes to choosing images/videos to upload to your Instagram channel. A great looking feed will encourage more followers, spreading your brand's message and leading to greater brand awareness. To help you seamlessly plan ahead and curate your feed, download the Layout for Instagram app. This app lets you arrange and order your images on a template Instagram grid. It’s Instagram scheduling at its finest.

13. Clickable URLs

There are two places on Instagram where you can place clickable links, the first in your bio and the second is through Instagram Advertising. For everyone else, there are ecommerce solutions such as Like2Buy, that replicate your Instagram feed on a web page and allow users to literally ‘shop your Instagram’. See how Australian furniture and design store Koskela use this solution.

So there you have it. 13 social media hacks you can use for your business and better manage your social media accounts. Where to from here? If you’re in Sydney, then register for our free After Hours presentation on ‘Using Instagram for Business'. We’ll cover managing social media for business in a lot more detail including hot new addition: Instagram Advertising.