Google AdWords Courses

Google AdWords is a fantastic platform used by millions of advertisers around the world, which reaches over 90% of internet users worldwide. If you manage your own Google AdWords campaigns, ensure that your accounts are fully optimised for maximum performance and follow Google’s best practice recommendations. Loves Data’s training is designed to help you navigate this landscape and ever-changing platform. We focus on Google AdWords strategies, features and best practices that will make a difference to your business’ bottom line.

Whether you’re a beginner or have years of Google AdWords experience, our expert trainers will provide actionable training to help you optimise your campaigns. Our training is hands-on, meaning that throughout AdWords 101 and AdWords 201, you’ll be creating campaigns, ad groups, keyword lists, ads, ad extensions and more – as well as discussing best practices, strategies and tips. The training covers search, display and online video campaigns.

Why Loves Data?

  • We’ve been presenting Australia’s leading Google AdWords Training since 2009
  • We’re the only Google Certified AdWords Trainer in Australia and New Zealand
  • Our training is accurate, accessible and actionable



Learn the fundamentals of Google AdWords, from planning your campaign strategy, through to campaign setup, ads, keywords and optimisation. Google AdWords Fundamentals suits anyone from beginners with little experience in Google AdWords, to advanced users looking to make sure they’re utilising the best practices in their account.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Google AdWords: How does it work? Is it right for my business? What do I need for a successful account?
  • Terminology: What advertising options are available within the Google Network? What information does Google provide about my campaigns?
  • Defining objectives & structuring campaigns: How do I make my website Google AdWords ready? What are some ways to structure my account and how will they affect my account’s performance?
  • Account setup, navigation & interface: Creating an account. Best practices for your first campaign. Navigating the parts of your account and making single or multiple changes.
  • Working with ads: What are the best practices for desktop and mobile ads? How do Google editorial policies impact my ads? What are some effective strategies for testing ad copy?
  • Working with keywords: What tools and strategies are available to research keywords and create ad groups? How do Google’s match types work and how should they be used for a successful account?
  • Measuring performance: What reporting metrics should I pay attention to? How can I use Google Analytics to inform my Google AdWords decisions? What type of conversion tracking is available through Google AdWords and Google Analytics and how do the two methods differ?
  • Introducing campaign optimisation: What best practices should I follow in optimising my campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads and landing pages?
  • Q&A: An open session for further discussion of any of topics covered.



  • In-house marketing staff who run Google AdWords campaigns – to learn and brush up on best practices as well as get ideas for account optimisation
  • Staff who outsource Google AdWords to other agencies – to learn more about what their agency does and what is possible
  • Upper-level management – to learn more about how Google AdWords fits into your company’s overall branding strategy and marketing plan
  • SEO specialists – to learn more about how paid search compliments organic search and how the best practices of one can inform the other
  • Technical and IT – learn how to improve your website's performance on all platforms, as well as what customisations and data integrations you can implement to create business value