Google Tag Manager Course

Loves Data’s new online Google Tag Manager Course is designed to walk you through Google Tag Manager from start to finish, giving you a firm understanding of the features and how to leverage value for your organisation at a strategic level. Google Tag Manager is a versatile tool that lets you create and control all of your website’s analytic and marketing tags in a single place.

With a wide and ever-growing range of features, getting the best out of this tool is not always easy. We’ll show you how Google Tag Manager gives digital marketers and analysts the flexibility to make quick and simple changes to marketing tags, and all the features that support agile development of your website.

Why Loves Data?

  • We’ve been presenting Australia’s leading Analytics training since 2007
  • We’re Google Certified Partners and were the first to be certified to deliver Google Analytics Training in Australia in 2009
  • We pride our training on being accurate, accessible and actionable
  • Loves Data presents the annual Analytics Conference in Australia this September, with a range of top industry speakers from Google’s head office and beyond

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager: Why use tag manager? Getting started
  • Tags and firing rules: Getting started with your first Google Tag Manager tag, introduction to firing rules, Boolean logic
  • The data layer: Introduction, simple and advanced uses
  • Macros: Simple and advanced uses
  • Events: Introduction, events and the data layer, event based firing, auto-events, default firing events
  • Testing and debugging
  • Advanced topics: dynamic content, migration, caveats and pitfalls


  • Digital marketers, data analysts and web developers
  • Beginners through to experienced Google Tag Manager users
  • Current users of Google Analytics or other tracking technologies